Hello ladies,
I’m starting the first edition of recipe club!  I think we should do one a month and the person from the month before can nominate the next.  Yes?
Although this is not one of my most beloved recipes it seems to be a real hit and is a good one to make with a big pot of something when you have guests.  It’s from the Skoki cookbook which I know some of you have and not a cookbook I recommend as there are so many mistakes in it!  For this recipe it’s confusing when they tell you to mix the butter in.  I’m pretty sure I have tried two methods one cutting the butter in with a pastry knife and also just melting it and mixing it in and both turned out.
I look forward to many years of awesome recipes!  Did I forget anyone?  I think we should add anyone who’s interested that will actually send a recipe when nominated.
I nominate Jennifer Tremorin for February xx (Jennifer you should add Tracey if you think she’d be interested)
Daniellecornbread1 cornbread2

6 thoughts on “Cornbread

  1. From Lori:

    Sounds yummy!
    I will try it on Sunday, having people over for Chili so it is perfect timing. Eric ordered a cow (we eat beef like 2x per year so perfect purchase for us) both freezers are packed with Betsy so I invited as many people as I can fit over to my house for Chili.


  2. I made it…super easy and I only used 1/2 cup sugar and it was still delicious.
    And Lori if it makes you feel better I have Porky the pig taking up my freezer.


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