Quinoa Burgers


Ok here is my recipe. I truly make them all the time. They freeze really well and they only need to be warmed up in a frying pan from frozen. I usually serve them with lettuce tomato, avocado. So yummy! Double batch makes about 24. Hope you enjoy!  I nominate Lori Pelland.




5 thoughts on “Quinoa Burgers

  1. I made these last night. Followed the recipe to a T but added one extra onion (that’s right Lori and Jennifer! Extra!). These are tasty but not the consistency of a traditional patty mixture. I did sort of make them into patties but if I make them again I would think of them more like a thick batter. I think these would be awesome for breakfast. They reminded me of potato pancakes (sub quinoa for potato). I ate them with cholula hot sauce and avocado.


  2. Made these last night and used applewood smoked cheddar. Really tasty. My pan wasn’t hot enough for the first batch and fell apart. The second batch turned out much better.


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